Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stormy Inspirations

Winter storms that come and go always teach us to stop, look up and listen. For me, stormy sunsets, and weather patterns passing through bring the most inspiration. I always use my iPhone to capture inspiration and I'm so impressed with nature's generosity...just look up!

Storms give us color combinations, shades, textures, light and dark tones and all of these are authentic elements for creative direction and problem solving. I'm always referring to the best color consultant on the planet...nature and when a project or situation calls for some color direction, layering, or time to simmer a bit. Waiting which is everyone least favorite thing, on a project, answer, or results, usually turns out better that expected ;-).  

So take note that whatever your working on nature's got a solution just above you so look up and pay attention you just may find exactly what you're searching for...a natural solution. 

image by Ideezine


Mary Ann at classic•casual•home said...

Ok….what about the commit above me???

I love to find inspiration in nature!

Bette M-T said...

Hi Mary Ann,

Thanks for commenting,
Re previous post I've been getting quite a bit of spam these last several months. Have filters in place and I have them on report. It's very discouraging to a blogger that this is still going on after many years of having a blog and sharing in blogland.


Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

Nature is the most beautiful inspiration! Just started following you..but been here lots before!
xo Nancy