Thursday, December 5, 2013

Preparing for Another Christmas Memory...2013

As we prepare for Christmas with:
  • Working towards deadlines
  • Calendar dates
  • Shopping/shipping 
  • Gifts/packaging/wrapping
  • Parties/school activities/fund raising
  • Menus/food/recipes/drinks 
  • Guests/family arrivals/departures
  • Decorating & Celebrating & Traditions
As you move from one task to another keep in mind the simple fact that you're building a memory. One of many and each one carrying over year after year from the previous one. More precious and unique as the years pass.

As the season changes and some of our most beloved ones disappear form our lives, photos, and presence try to incorporate "somethings treasured" from your past to create a totally new memory but with a twist.

We don't have to give up anything from our past as we head into the future.  Holiday time reveals hidden meanings and emotions we may not know how it survives yet only comes out during the holidays.  We just have be open minded enough to create something with what we've had and look at it with new eyes.

Have you been thinking creatively this year?

Are you putting a twist on the "old but new" memories?

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Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Coming from a very large family, the holidays are especially important for us. We all make an effort to gather and catch up in person - creating memories that will carry us through the new year. Happy December, Bette! Enjoy this special time of year!!

Mary Ann at classic•casual•home said...

We'll be celebrating part of Christmas in a new some of our old traditions will be special. But these new experiences seem to have a positive effect on my creativity! All the best to you!