Sunday, December 2, 2012

How Vintage Furniture Is Revitalized ~ Guest Post


Our guest post this week is by Kole McRae for iLuvfabrix Upholstery Fabric

The trends of the past are starting to come back into style, both in fashion and interior design. These are just a few examples of how vintage furniture is revitalized and then sold or used as a piece in your own home! 


Bright is Back

Instead of throwing out grandma and grandpa’s yellow couch from the 70’s, consider cleaning and reupholstering it instead.  Bright and vintage couches bring certain flair to the room and their warm color presents a comfortable and relaxed tone to the room.


Use a Slipcover
Instead of throwing your furniture away, consider learning how vintage furniture is revitalized by the use of slipcovers.  All you have to do is go online and search Google for Slipcovers. You can get your slipcover shipped in the mail, slip it on, and the rest is history!



How Vintage Furniture is Revitalized: Reupholstering 
You can also shop for fabric online to help you reupholster your furniture yourself. Check out your favorite fabric shops online and get the materials shipped right to your home. You can either reupholster it yourself or hire a company to do it for you.
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Bring it Back to Life with Paint
If you really want to know how vintage furniture is revitalized, consider giving your piece an extra coat of paint. Something that may look dinged up and chipped to you may actually be a fine piece of furniture if you touch it up with paint. 

Recycle Furniture
Do not assume that you always have to buy new furniture. If you have an old piece, you might need to just reupholster it or make small repairs. Before you decide to keep your furniture, consider the price of reupholstering or repairing it versus buying one that is either brand new or gently used. 

Broken Furniture 
Just because you have broken furniture, does not mean it cannot be repaired. People often assume the worst and end up pitching their furniture without trying to fix it. Look up how much it would cost for someone to repair it or fix it yourself if you are handy!

Where to Look for Cheap Vintage Furniture 

* Garage Sales and Thrift Shops
If you are starting from scratch, consider looking for cheaper alternatives at thrift shops and garage sales. Something that is junk to one person can be considered a treasure to someone else.  

*  Craigslist
Craigslist is a great resource for picking up vintage furniture. There are ad listings for used and new furniture that are either for sale or being given away for free. For major savings, check out the free section and curb alerts, which is when people leave their furniture on the curb and whoever wants it can grab it. 

After you have decided what pieces of furniture, you want to keep and touch up you can start looking at style options. If you want to give it that vintage touch consider staining, sanding, and then painting it (in that order). After you paint your furniture, sand it one more time and finish off with another staining. You will find your furniture more vibrant and vintage than ever before! 

We all have a favorite piece of furniture that needs some attention what a great way to give it a new life. 

Thanks for a great post Kole on vintage furniture being revitalized.

Have you tried revitalizing vintage furniture: Tell us your story (where did you find it, and what did you do to bring it back to life?)

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